Karma’s a Beach Shoreline Cleanup

Join the Inner Beach Biannual Karma's a Beach Shoreline Cleanup April 23 and 24, 2022

Join the Inner Beach bi-annual
Karma’s a Beach Shoreline Cleanup

Let’s clean our beaches!  Join us April 23 & 24 to celebrate Earth Day and clean our local beaches. 

How it works:

  • Bring your own large clear recyclable plastic garbage bags to fill or pick up some from us at the store. Gloves are highly recommended.
  • Head to your local beach to gather trash and litter along the shoreline. See Dirty Dozen below.
  • Return trash to the store between 10am and 4pm to be sorted, recorded, and properly disposed of.
  • Enjoy refreshments, a goodie for each bag of trash collected, and a chance to win prizes! 

Dirty Dozen - most common trash to find:

  1. Stir sticks and straws
  2. Surgical masks
  3. Plastic bottles
  4. Syringes
  5. Cigarette/cigar butts
  6. Drink cans
  7. Balloons
  8. Caps and lids
  9. Food wrappers
  10. Plastic bags
  11. Plastic cutlery
  12. Disposable gloves

Here’s a list of our favourite local beaches:

  • Lakefront Promenade
  • Jack Darling Memorial Park
  • Marie Curtis Park

 We'll see you there!

Why Join?

  • Roughly 80% of litter that washes ashore on Lake Ontario is plastic debris.

  • Lake Ontario provides drinking water to over nine million people in Ontario and is a vital part of the region's ecology, providing important habitat to a myriad of fishes, birds, mammals, reptiles, and plants.

  • Plastic splits into smaller pieces but does not break down in the environment, leading fish and animals to mistake the tiny specs for food, fill up on plastic and starve.

  • Plastic debris attracts contaminants and can create large floating mats that lure fish away from their natural habitat.

  • Three million pounds of plastic debris ends up in Lake Ontario each year — enough plastic waste to fill 28 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

  • We have the tools, resources and responsibility to make a difference in our local community.