DOLLS OF PARADISE Quick Dry Surfer Towel

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Surfer Towel teamed up with Hawaii artist Christie Shinn to create Hula Dolls, a selection of classic souvenirs from mid-century Waikiki. Each element has been hand painted and digitally arranged by the artist. The back pattern is an abstract take on the grass skirt. Wrap it around your waist and let your hips swing!

For more info on her work visit

Surfer Towel Company was created by surfers from the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii, who were tired of drying off with damp smelly towels. These quick dry towels are the best for long days at the beach. All towels are 30" x 70".


  • Double sided print

  • Super compact and absorbent

  • Fastest drying towel on the market

  • Won't collect sand even while wet

  • Fits over a standard yoga mat

  • Naturally mildew resistant

  • Ultra soft

  • Drying loop for easy hanging

  • Created with environmental practises

  • No shed fibres

  • Contains no toxic inks, dyes or materials