Peg Leg Pirate Rattle

Peg Leg Pirate Rattle

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This jolly fellow is not one to let the hard times get him down. Our dark skinned swashbuckling hero is clothed in bright colours and has a ready smile. Hand stitched with soft cotton yarn, it is lightweight and oh so grabbable for little hands. The rattle inside gives a soft sound when shaken. Perfect for hours of pretend play, this pirate is bound to be your child's favourite. 

Dimensions: 2" l x 3" w x 7" h.

All Pebble products are made by Hathay Bunano. Hathay Bunano, meaning hand made or hand knitted in Bangla, is a non-profit fair trade organization in Bangladesh. They aim to provide employment which fits in with the rhythm of rural life, stems the tide of economic migration to the cities and keeps families together. Helping women out of poverty and putting smiles on faces worldwide!

Pebble products are made entirely by hand with natural materials and as such there will be slight variations in size, colour and design inline with the unique nature of this product.