Portus Cale White Crane Candle

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The White Crane Aromatic Candle comes in a ceramic vessel in sea green hues, decorated with an elegant fluted effect that brings to mind a relaxing stroll through a bamboo forest. Each vessel is individually created and retouched with love & care by master craftsmen, using artisanal techniques. Every piece is unique, full of minute details and variations in colour and form.

A soothing fusion of citrusy Yuzu, earthy & green Vetiver and juicy Mandarin is the fragrance that brings to life this collection; an airy and comfortable scent that enriches your favourite room with a fragrant sensation of tranquillity, joy and harmony.

All of this packaged in a deluxe box adorned with original artwork — graceful illustrations of cranes highlighted by splendorous details in gold foil.

Dimensions: 3.75"l x 3.75"w x 4.33"h.