Tequila Sunrise - Reflective Wooden Sunglasses

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Tequila sunrise! These shades love late nights and early mornings! Like its name and your favourite morning cocktail — the Tequila Sunrise are ready from the morning meetings to the beachfront happy hours. We get it cuz we’ve lived it.

You were out until bar close pummelling your favourite adult beverages.  The vibes were high, the tab was open, the music was hitting, and the conversation was illogical. Around midnight you called your bedtime and told it to sod off knowing full well you had to be at work in the morning.  Four hours of drunk sleep will surely do the trick, right? We hope so. But for those groggy, hair of the dog mornings, there’s tequila sunrises and these shades. Get a bit of liquor back in your system before you crash and hide those cashed eyes behind these ultra reflective polarized uv400 lenses.


  • UV400 protective.

  • Polarized.

  • Revo reflective pink/yellow lenses.

  • Rain-forest stewardship approved sustainable zebra wood sides.

  • Includes soft case. 

Materials: Zebra wood, acrylic.